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Planet, People, Football

In a world where the interdependence of humanity and the environment has never been clearer, the call for a sustainable and equitable future resounds louder than ever. Groundbreaking research from the Royal Society, outlined in their report “People and the Planet,” underscores the urgent need to address the impact of human activities on both the environment and human well-being.

The report highlights a critical recommendation: the imperative to reduce material consumption, particularly in affluent and developing societies. But how can we translate this imperative into actionable solutions that resonate with communities worldwide?

Enter the power of football.

Football, the world’s most beloved sport, unites over a billion fans and millions of players globally. Yet, the environmental toll of football cannot be overlooked, with millions of kits produced, transported, and disposed of annually. These kits, predominantly crafted from non-biodegradable polyester, contribute significantly to pollution, waste, and greenhouse gas emissions.

But what if there were a way to transform this environmental challenge into an opportunity for positive change?

Fostering Community and Sustainability: Football’s Role.

Introducing our innovative initiative: Reuse a Football Kit. By giving these kits a second life through donation and reuse, we’re not only mitigating environmental harm but also fostering meaningful connections within communities. Our program exemplifies the transformative potential of football beyond the pitch—it’s about empowering individuals, preserving our planet, and inspiring positive change.

Through the simple act of becoming a sponsor of kits for the world and  donating and reusing football kits, we’re bridging communities, uniting people under a shared passion, and championing sustainability. Because when we come together through the power of football, we’re not just playing a game—we’re shaping a brighter future for humanity and our planet.

Join us in our mission to kick-start change, one kit at a time. Together, we can make a difference—for our communities, for our planet, and for generations to come.

    Planet, People, Football: Kits for the World’s Key Initiatives

    • Football Kit Microplastics

      Did you know that every time you wash your synthetic football kit, you are releasing tiny plastic particles into the water? These microplastics are too small to be filtered out by wastewater treatment plants, and end up in the oceans, rivers and soil, where they pose a serious threat to the environment and human health.

      Microplastic pollution is one of the most urgent and overlooked environmental issues of our time. It contributes to global warming, biodiversity loss, health issues Yet, most people are unaware of the scale and severity of the problem, and few actions are taken to address it.

      That’s why Kits for the world, wants to raise awareness of the issues in the hope one day football kits will be made from more biodegradable products.

      This is why we have  teamed up with CSV 28,  the FIRST Dutch grassroots football club to embrace this awareness campaign  and Guppyfriend, a company that produces solutions to stop microplastics, e.g., washing bags that capture microfibers, to raise awareness and inspire change.

      Together, we have launched a campaign to help bring about awareness to  players, fans and the public about the harmful effects of microplastics from synthetic football kits, and to encourage people to use Guppyfriend washing bags to reduce their environmental impact.

      By doing so, we all hope to make a positive difference for the planet and the people who love football.

      As an example of the issue

      A research team from the University of California at Santa Barbara found that washing clothes in a city of 100,000 people produces as many microfibers as 15,000 plastic bags. This means that a city like Berlin could generate more than 500,000 plastic bags worth of microfibers every day.

      Any clubs or individuals that would like to also take part in the campaign send an email to

      Join us on social media to raise awareness of microplastics! 
      For Planet, People, Football!

    • Planting Trees and Kicking Balls

      More info coming soon!