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Donate football boots and kits to charity and give them a second life through K4TW’s Development through football projects.

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KiTs for the World was founded with the aim of supplying football kits to help charities that focus on tackling HIV and other social issues through sports-based health education. The charities we support use football as a development tool to help educate children in countries less fortunate than our own.
We can achieve this by close cooperation with grassroots and professional football clubs throughout Europe.

For most children, in Europe, having the most up to date kit is common place, but what happens when your child has out grown the kit? KiTs for the World will gladly take it and give it to a person in the developing world that has never seen or owned one before. Our Target is to supply communities, charities, schools and projects in the developing world. Our goal is to work with charities like WhizzKids United and others that use football as a development tool to fight HIV/AIDS.

The support you show will translate into helping enhance the lives of children and young adolescents, by giving them the basic needs to work together as a team and to strengthen social understanding,education and HIV/AIDS prevention . We all can make a difference by showing that we care and your donation, however large or small, will make a difference.

We believe the power of football can contribute effectively to social change worldwide. Through partnerships with football clubs, football associations, NGOs and individuals we want to ensure that every child in the world has access to the resources needed to play, learn and develop. Your kit donation will play a part in a chain that helps build team and community spirit. K4TW in conjunction with our partners will deliver your collected items to charitable organizations and other community based projects in the world that require our help and support.

KiTs for the World’s Development through Football projects.

An example of the type charity we partner with and where your kit donation will be put to good use.

Why is a donation from KiTs for the World important?

“Many of the children have nothing but the clothes they wear, so giving them a football shirt is a big deal, but it also acts as an incentive to get and stay involved with our activities which have the potential to change their lives for the long-term. Many thanks to KiTs for the World and to all the clubs who donated the kits – your efforts are hugely appreciated and are making a real difference”.

Steve Fleming Director of Kick 4 Life

KiTs for the World Development through Football Objectives.

Tackling Poverty part of the KiTs for the World's objectives when working with a Partner Health and Prevention is part of the KiTs for the World's objectives when working with a Partner Gender Equality is part of the KiTs for the World's objectives when working with a Partner Education is part of the KiTs for the World's objectives when working with a Partner Re-use is part of the KiTs for the World's objectives when working with a Partner

KiTs for the World’s SUPPORT 2 SPORT projects.

K4TW also has a focus in Europe with our SUPPORT 2 SPORT project, we actively seek partnerships with organizations that assist with the inclusion of sport to all groups in society. We supply the basic kit items that will help youngsters participate in club or group activities that otherwise could not afford to do so. Awareness, engagement and Fundraising support are just some of the key objectives of  Support 2 Sport.

KiTs for the World SUPPORT 2 SPORT Objectives.

Awareness for what kits for the world does and for our partners is key when engaging with the public Engagement of the public is part of the KiTs for the World's objectives when working with a Partner Homless outreach projects is part of the KiTs for the World's objectives when working with a Partner Hental Health projects are part of the KiTs for the World's objectives when working with a Partner Fundraising for projects is part of the KiTs for the World's objectives when working with a Partner

KiTs for the World  is a non-profit organisation (NPO)

Our charity is 100% run a on a voluntary basis. All founding members do not receive any remuneration for services rendered. Any donations raised go into the logistics and expansion of the cause of KiTs for the World. 

If you donate to our cause will not contact you for any further donations. Also we do not share any information about our donors with any 3rd parties. We will only send you a news letter if you so wish. To see where your donation is spent see our section Income and Outgoings Overview.

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Thank you so much for your donation… ONE KIT CAN CHANGE A LIFE!

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Example of projects we support


KiTs for the World supports the football for hope concept

Football is the spark that can help educate to provide better life chances.


Education for the most basic health benefits

As part of out partners programs youngsters get introduced to life saving principles.


Working together to increase life expectancy

Using the power of football to attract youngsters into our partners programs, KiTs for the World.


Education is Key using football as the magnet

Our partners provide the important education aspect of development.


KiTs for the World supports projects that include Girls in sport

We only work with partners that include gender equality as part of their objectives.


KiTs for the World believe One kit can help inspire chance.

Sometimes.. just a simple thing like a football kit can help spark interest to take part in programs that can change a life.


Supporting projects that provide a struture for young people

Our partner programs help youngsters with a frame of reference to help make good life choices.


A football kit make you part of a team

Never underestimate the importance of being a part of a team. A kit can help acceptance and inclusion.


Football kits help team building

The projects we support can use funds that are mission critial to achieving their goals. The kits we provide takes that cost away and provides the beniftes of team cohesion.