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Love Life Donations of football kits and football boots. More than 1300 items of kit donated to Love Life. Donations from ZAC, Flash,Sport-inn SVI, Rohda Raalte,Berkum and Sport 2000.


K4TW Donated football kits to Love Life

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Love Life and KiTs for the World Objectives

Part of the KiTs for the World's objectives when working with a Partner Part of the KiTs for the World's objectives when working with a Partner Gender issues is Part of the KiTs for the World's objectives Education is a key cornerstone and is the key foundation of the KiTs for the World's objectives when working with a Partner As part of KiTs for the Worlds core objectives we look for way to re use items that are of outstand quality

About Love Life South Africa

Football has been an important part of lovelifes behavior–change for HIV prevention strategy since the inception of the lovelife games in 2002. The lovelife games are South Africa’s largest school sports initiative. It is funded by the national Department of sports and recreation (SRSA).

With the inception of the lovelifestyle strategy in 2004, lovelife started driving sports league formation through its 7,000- strong youth service corps, with the explicit intention of linking these leagues to the lovelife games.

Football was a new avenue for working with young people.In 2009, lovelife engaged over 64 000 young men and women in structured soccer activity. The organisation is also passionate about promoting and raising awareness of the use of sport for positive change.

Love Life Football for Hope

KiTs for the World is a non-profit organisation (NPO)

KiTs for the World is 100% run a on a voluntary basis for the collection and distribution of sports kits. All founding board members and volunteers do not receive any remuneration for services rendered.

Any donations raised goes into the logistics and expansion of KiTs for the World. When you donate to our cause we will not contact you for any further donations, we welcome monthly donations if you so whish which would be a real help.

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KiTs for the World are currently working on plans to provide a self sustainable way to fundraise which will result in members of KiTs for the World being payed. This will be a separate project that will see members of the charity working 5 days a week to raise awareness and funds for helping disadvantaged children around the world.

Note: Donations you make via our Just Giving account will not be used to pay members of KiTs for the World these funds go directly logistics and money donations to the projects we support.

Thank you so much for your donation… ONE KIT CAN CHANGE A LIFE!