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Football Kit donation to GDM Mozambique…With your help more than 700 pieces of football clothes and shoes have been donated to Grupo Desportivo De Manica!.

KiTs for the World Partner, Futeco Park, Manica Football for Hope Center

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GDM Mozambique and KiTs for the World Objectives

Part of the KiTs for the World's objectives when working with a Partner Part of the KiTs for the World's objectives when working with a Partner Gender issues is Part of the KiTs for the World's objectives Education is a key cornerstone and is the key foundation of the KiTs for the World's objectives when working with a Partner

About GDM Mozambique

GDM is a sports and recreation organization that uses football and other sports to promote social change. Founded in 1980 by the Community of Manica, in a time of cruel civil war. The people effected by the war have an additional need for social activities to rebuild hope and trust. GDM believes that all this can happen by working to rebuild relationships. Our football kit donations contribute significantly to their projects, which inspires team building and team work.

The organization strives for activities and programs by means of Working together for sustainable solutions The centre offers a wide range of activities in addition to the football-based programs for the target audience of young people between 10-24 years.

The “more than one player” program sees young players not only act as coaches but also as role models outside the field. By creating trust-based relationships and helping young people to develop their talents. GDM also offers the ability to follow a computer skills training program.

They provide English lessons, and visitors from abroad offer the opportunity to practice. Health projects on nutrition, malaria and HIV / AIDS, including a program that uses art to provide HIV / AIDS education to young people, also take place in the centre.

Located in the beautiful Futeco Park, Manica Football for Hope Center provides the perfect setting for environmental awareness programs. The center also focuses on individuals outside the fixed target group by means of A nursery for children aged 2-10 and activities such as veterans football, computer skills and chess.

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KiTs for the World are currently working on plans to provide a self sustainable way to fundraise which will result in members of KiTs for the World being payed. This will be a separate project that will see members of the charity working 5 days a week to raise awareness and funds for helping disadvantaged children around the world.

Note: Donations you make via our Just Giving account will not be used to pay members of KiTs for the World these funds go directly logistics and money donations to the projects we support.

Thank you so much for your donation… ONE KIT CAN CHANGE A LIFE!