Football kits donated to Projects

KiTs for the World makes sure that projects we support have an impact in the commuinites they service. We make sure to the best of our ability that every project makes a diifreance to a personas life.

We do not give away kits to projects that do not have a track record of providing chance and education. For new projects we do our best to ensure that these projects are fully supported and have a solid plan in place to help make a difference to the communities that intend to support.

For examples to the projects we support and more about these projects and the impact they have achieved please take time to view the subpages on this website. We also support these projects with financial donations, we do this by way of fundraising and from the donations we recive via JustGiving. The donations also cover logistical and running costs.


Just Giving BANNER

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KiTs for the World is 100% run a on a voluntary basis for the collection and distribution of sports kits. All founding board members and volunteers do not receive any remuneration for services rendered. Any donations raised goes into the logistics and expansion of KiTs for the World. When you donate to our cause we will not contact you for any further donations, we welcome monthly donations if you so whish.

KiTs for the World are currently working on plans to provide a self sustainable way to fundraise which will result in members of KiTs for the World being payed. This will be a separate project that will see members of the charity working 5 days a week to raise awareness for our values of helping disadvantaged children around the world. Note: Donations you make via our Just Giving account will not be used to pay members of KiTs for the World these funds go directly logistics and money donations to the projects we support.

Thank you so much for your donation… ONE KIT CAN CHANGE A LIFE!