Donate Football Boots and Football Kits

Donate football boots and kits to help vulnerable youth

Donate football boots and football kits to help vulnerable youth engage with sports engage with people, foster teamwork, release endorphins and teaches young people important life lessons about hard work, dedication and relying on others.

More importantly, sports/ football help to keep kids off the streets and away from the pitfalls in life that can happen to anyone without the guidance of people who care. The projects we support with kit donations have a proven track record with details of the impact their programs have made to the communities they support.

Why is your kit donation and support important to us?
Part of the KiTs for the World's objectives when working with a Partner

Poor health poses a major challenge to socio-economic development. The projects we support to address these challenges by offering a range of services including health awareness programmes for young people as well as a referral system to nearby health facilities. Some of the Key objectives they tackle range from HIV prevention, education, environment, gender, health, social integration and youth leadership targeting poor and marginalized young people.

According to the latest UN figures: The number of people infected by HIV worldwide rose to 34-million in 2011 from 33.5-million in 2010. There were 1.7-million deaths from Aids-related causes worldwide in 2011, 24% fewer than in 2005 and nearly 6% below the 2010 level.

The programs we support tackle HIV prevention and support for individuals that are diagnosed with HIV positive. Without the projects support and innovative programs that are designed to reduce the stigma of HIV/ AIDS the impact would be considerably higher. When a young person has been diagnosed positive, support and guidance are given to help the person cope and rebuild their life….

An example of one of the KiTs for the World projects that we have in our network

Why is your support important to us?

Education is a key cornerstone and is the key foundation of the KiTs for the World's objectives when working with a PartnerThe projects we support also have a key focus upon education when football is used as the magnet, education uptake and participation increases. In some projects, attendance has increased by 85%.

Education is a key cornerstone and is the key foundation of the KiTs for the World’s objectives when working with a Partner. Football-based activities are used as an incentive and a tool to provide engaging learning environments for young people.

Due to poor education, many youths lack skills making it difficult for them to find employment. They are exposed to health risks, alcoholism and drugs. Girls and young women especially face violence and crime, more than a few are discriminated and excluded from social life.

To further support them, the projects we partner with providing equipment such as computers, books and guidance to support and develop educational development for vulnerable youth in disadvantaged communities.

Building a better for vulnerable youth in disadvantaged communities through sport and education

Empowering girls and young women

Gender issues is Part of the KiTs for the World's objectivesEmpowering girls and young women by helping to strengthen their self-esteem and social status in the community. Using the power of sport to help address gender inequality and violence against women and girls. Young people, both male and female, take part in weekly football sessions to learn about gender issues and how these affect their communities. These sessions will help develop young leaders who will be empowered to be a stronger voice on violence against women and girls and other issues.

The programs use local grassroots coaches trained by qualified club coaches in order for them to deliver the sessions. There is a strong focus on outreach and advocacy to reach out to the wider community on the negative consequences of violence on the ability of women and girls to fulfil their potential.

Example of the issues and how using football helps to promote gender equality