Our Goal

Our Goal is:

  • To include all professional and grassroots clubs in Europe to contribute to the cause by donating their old Football kits.
  • To supply all the donated items to the parts of the world were the children need it the most.
  • To be one of the most respected and well regarded charitably organizations in the world.
  • To widen our collection range to support to other good causes as our charity grows.
  • To support projects in Europe with our Support 2 Sport Project which is designed to provide access to kits and sports membership for families that are experiencing hardships due to low income.

Our Mission is:

  • KITS for the WORLD, will- collect your old football Kits and deliver them to the children and adults of the developing countries. And projects that can use the collected items for projects in Europe.
  • KITS for the WORLD¬†aims to help children and adults by giving them the basic tools to develop their skills and fitness levels. In countries were poverty, poor health and lack of opportunity is common place, we hope to help give a new sense of hope, pride and ambition for themselves and for their community.
  • KITS for the WORLD, believes in the power of football to contribute to social change on a global scale.¬† K4TW also hopes to bridge the gap between our cultures, by helping those who have never had the opportunity to have the basics that we in the developed world take for granted.
  • KITS for the WORLD, has since 2009/ 2010, been pursuing our goal of promoting the power of football to contribute effectively to social change worldwide. Through partnerships with football clubs, football associations, NGOs and individuals we want to ensure that every child in the world has access to the resources needed to play, learn and develop. Your kit donation will play a part in a chain that helps build team and community spirit. KiTs for the World in conjunction with our partners will deliver your collected items to charitable organizations and other community based projects in the world that require our help and support.