FreeStyler Josh

Joshua Agteres, AKA FreeStyler Josh is a pure-bred entertainer. It’s his goal to surprise and inspire people with creativity and talent. Joshua gives performances at home and abroad. He is known by his uncommon tricks with the ball.

The combination of soccer, music and dance are the ingredients of the unique, inspiring and entertaining show Joshua gives, suited for every audience.

Joshua supported KiTs for the World with an awareness dive for the Sport-inn collection drive for 2015.

Do why donate to KiTs for the World?

“Many of the children have nothing but the clothes they wear, so giving them a football shirt is a big deal, but it also acts as an incentive to get and stay involved with our activities which have the potential to change their lives for the long-term. Many thanks to KiTs for the World and to all the clubs who donated the kits – your efforts are hugely appreciated and are making a real difference”.

Steve Fleming Director of Kick 4 Life

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